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One of the main causes of poor tree health is a fungal disease. A fungus can spread quickly, and if not properly treated can cause the demise of a tree. If a fungus spreads to the surrounding area, it can also affect nearby trees and shrubs. We can help diagnose fungal diseases and provide the proper treatment to kill the fungus and help restore your tree's health. If you have a tree that has recently died from a disease, we offer tree removal service. While removing your dead tree, we can assess your landscaping to see if you're at risk of losing any more trees or plants.



You may have a green thumb and take extra good care of your landscaping, but still struggle to understand why your yard isn't thriving. There are many different problems that affect landscape trees, and some homeowners aren't sure how to combat these problems. At Jack's Lawn & Landscape Inc., we specialize in tree services to help prevent and manage disease and pests. Serving clients in the Appleton, Neenah, and Oshkosh, WI areas, we encourage you to stop by and see how we can help you assess your current landscaping problems.

Many people think of termites when they think of wood eating insects, but there are many bugs that enjoy devouring the trees in your yard. Beetles, borers, and mites can affect the health and appearance of your yard's trees and shrubs. If these pests are left to feast on your landscaping, you could end up with a yard full of dead trees at the end of the growing season. We can provide you with tips to prevent an infestation in your trees and give you remedies for treating insect problems. We encourage you to see how our tree services can guarantee you a healthy, prosperous yard every year.



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