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1. Borers

Borers lay eggs under the bark of unhealthy trees. Keeping trees unstressed and healthy will help keep borers out of your trees.


2. Diplodia / Dothistroma Blight

Many pine trees, especially Austrian pine trees, are at risk for this. Diplodia / Dothistroma causes the needles on pine trees to turn brown and eventually die. This is a fungal disorder that many trees with defense susceptibility are affected by. Fungicide is an effective method for battling the disease.


3. Scab Disease

Scab disease can cause total defoliation of trees in the middle of summer. Scab disease is fungal and can affect fruit trees and ornamental trees in the rose family. Crabapple trees are the most susceptible to this disease. In order to prevent the spreading of fungus spores, infected leaves should be raked up. Spring fungicides can be effective in preventing this disease.


4. Girdling Roots

Girdling roots are a result of trees being planted too deeply and other nursery practices. Roots will grow upwards, towards the surface of the soil, as opposed to outwards from the tree like they are naturally supposed to. This leads to a collision between the root and the tree trunk, which can constrict the tree's transport system, causing problems over time.


5. Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles often occur on the upper side of leaves and can cause damage to leaves and trees. These beetles are the most active during the afternoon hours and leave behind a thin film similar to lace.


6. Mites

Mites can affect a wide range of plants and can drastically change the plant's visual appearance. They are able to function in warm and cool temperatures and favor dry climates. Mites pose a serious threat to many homeowners.


7. Scale Insects

Scale insects target conifers, shrubs, and hardwoods. Signs of scale insects include discolored (red or yellow) leaves. These insects target primarily hardwoods, conifers, and shrubs. Some signs of an infestation include abnormal leaf and shoot growth, yellow or red leaves, and branch swelling.


8. Anthracnose Disease

This is a fungal disease that affects trees that are flowering and deciduous. If foliage is spotted during the spring and summer, a tree may have Anthracnose Disease.


9. Chlorosis

Trees with chlorosis will have a pale green color to the leaves in the canopy. This comes from the tree's inability to produce enough chlorophyll and can seriously affect a tree's health. Chlorosis comes from deficiences in iron and manganese in the tree.


10. Winter Injury

During most winters, evergreen trees lose moisture and are unable to replenish it. You can combat this by making sure your evergreens have enough moisture in their soil. Applying anti-transpirants to your evergreens during the autumn months can help prevent this moisture loss.


Mulching 2 - 4” is one of the most beneficial ground covers you can apply around trees and shrubs. Mulching improves soil quality, helps retain moisture through drought conditions, provides nutrients, provides competition from weeds, and reduces the likelihood of damage.


Winter is an excellent time to have your tree care needs taken care of. Certified arborists can identify pruning needs more easily when the leaves are off and the tree’s structure is exposed. Frozen ground allows for easier access into yards with equipment and reduces damage to the lawn and perennials from falling limbs.


Most trees can be pruned at any time of the year. However, there are disease-sensitive species, such as oak, elm, and birch trees, that can’t be pruned until dormancy.


Wound dressing (pruning paint) was once thought to help speed wood closure. Research has shown just the opposite. The wound dressing encourages decay by trapping moisture in the wound, leading to more decay. If the limb is removed at the proper branch collar, this stimulates cell compartmentalization and the wound over time closes with less decay.


Deciduous trees planted on the east and west sides of the house provide shade and can lower air conditioning cost by 10 - 15%.


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