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If you're not familiar with the types of trees that will work best in your yard, our tree care specialists can recommend the best trees. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we can tell you how tall the tree will get, if it will flower in the spring, if it changes colors in the fall, and how easy it is to manage. We will also plant all of your new trees for you, ensuring that every tree has the proper fertilization, planting depth for its roots, and that it's in an area that provides you with the most enjoyment and benefits.



Your yard will only look good if the trees and shrubs that you plant remain healthy and vibrant. When people look at your yard, they notice the colors of your flowers, the height of your trees, and the overall health of your yard. The certified arborists at Jack's Lawn & Landscape Inc. have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your trees and shrubs for a vibrant, healthy yard.

Pruning a tree allows it to grow strong and healthy over the years. Our certified arborists know exactly how to prune a tree without leaving it sparse or chopped-looking. We can also provide an annual assessment of your landscaping and let you know if we see any problems. If your trees lack minerals, we will provide them. If storm damage has left you with hanging limbs or broken pieces, we will remove them. When you work with us, you get the best service for both your landscaping and your safety.


If you're building a new home and have trees that you'd like to keep on the property, our tree care specialists will assess your lot and let you know the best way to move forward with construction without damaging the tree. We even offer air spade services to aerate the soil around a construction site to prevent the root system from dying. If you live in the Appleton, Neenah, or Oshkosh, WI areas and need tree specialists, we encourage you to visit us and benefit from our knowledge and expertise.



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